o The Official Aroostook County Maine Snowmobile Trail Report

January 17, 2019

Greetings from Aroostook County...

All the reports that I have been hearing from all the Snowmobilers are the trails are in the best shape that they have seen at this time of year, this is true from the Southern Reaches of the County to the Allagash and all trails in between.

All the clubs have been doing an outstanding job with their respected sections of trails. The groomer operators of the County are truly the best around.

CAUTION: Deer are everywhere they are being spotted in Caribou on trail 83B, In Ashland on ITS 85, Portage on ITS 85. Please keep an eye out all the time as we all know that deer live throughout this County. Also, as the snow is getting deeper this means that all the big game animals will be venturing out onto the trails as it is easier walking for them.

The forecast for this weekend is looking like very cold conditions on Saturday and then a potential for an intense snowstorm on Sunday into Sunday night, they are calling for significant winds to accompany heavy snowfall. Please dress for the weather and please let someone know where you plan to ride if you do venture out on Sunday.

ATTENTION SNOWMOBILERS: The Eagle Lake 100 dogsled race is this Saturday and Sunday they will be using parts of trail 120 and 85 please watch for signs and dogs.


Soldier Pond is reporting that they have been out grooming and are reporting very good conditions. All their water issues have been repaired. They are reporting drifting on the North end of 73 where they meet with Fort Kent.

Eagle Lake is reporting great conditions. Please use extreme caution on Saturday and Sunday the Eagle Lake 100 Sled dog race is happening they will be using trail 120 and 85, watch for signs.

Washburn has been out on their trail 105 and ITS 83 and reporting good conditions. There is going to be a logging operation in the Blackstone area which is trail 105 and the logging has begun so sledders please stop at the Blackstone intersection where the Nordic Lakers meet Washburn.

Portage Lakers are reporting very good conditions with a regular grooming schedule of grooming every night.

Caribou is reporting good conditions. Trail 83B has a lot of deer on the trail so please use caution. The connection with Caswell on trail 89 and 102 is now connected. Please use caution on ITS 83 North of Jemtland road in the Stockholm area, logging operation in progress.

Fort Kent is reporting excellent conditions in their entire system.

Fort Fairfield is out and grooming, they are reporting good conditions.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club is reporting great conditions. ITS 83 will be groomed Friday. ITS 81 was groomed a few days ago and was holding up well, they will be back at it after the storm.

Ashland is reporting that they will groom everything for Thursday and Friday. They are reporting good conditions. There is still a lot of deer on ITS 85 between Ashland and Portage. Their plan is to be out early Monday to start packing.

Allagash is reporting good conditions. Glazier lake loop trail is groomed, logging contractor has plowed 2 miles of fall brook road. They will be hauling wood on Friday and possibly Monday, no hauling on the weekend. Please watch for signs. Trail 120 and 92 were also groomed.

Frenchville is reporting good conditions

Red Arrow is reporting good conditions. They have been out repairing signs and have also added garbage cans at some of their intersections.

Chapman Ridge Runners are reporting good conditions, Trail 105 South is now open.

Aroostook River Snowmobile club is reporting very good conditions. 88, 105, 81A, 76 and 83A all have been recently. Trails are very nice. Please use caution on 105 near Mapleton there are drifts.

Easton is reporting trails are in good shape, and they will be grooming around the clock.

Madawaska is reporting that their trails are in great shape. Please use caution in open fields there are some drifts.

Presque Isle Snowmobile club is reporting that they will have everything open for the weekend. They are reporting good conditions.

Van Buren is reporting that they have been over everything and is in good shape.

Nordic Lakers has opened all their system and are reporting good conditions. Trail 81 has been rerouted on the Holmquist Farm, it has been marked. Please use caution as sledders will need to share about ½ mile of road with logging trucks.

Caswell is reporting that ITS 81 from Limestone intersection to Van Buren intersection has been opened and groomed. Trail 102 to trail 89 in the Connor area is now open. Please use caution as they are going through a logging operation.

Limestone is reporting good conditions.

Southern Aroostook:

Wednesday Night Shin Pond was out grooming ITS114 and 85 south from Shin Pond to Whetstone Bridge and ITS114 and 85 north and south. The Sugarloaf Loop and Club Trail 64 are also done. Matagamon will be grooming the Huber road tomorrow but keep in mind that this will be the only access to Libby Camps for the coming weekend. Libby Camps plan to groom from there to the trains on Thursday as well. Take note that 71D is still closed but will be opening soon to access Libby Camps after this weekend’s mega storm. Benedicta Snowgang is grooming ITS110, ITS 81 and the Club trails. ITS 83 toward Whetstone are being groomed now and reports are that conditions are excellent and as Jim says, “flat as a floor”!

Molunkus Valley Sno Drifters have been out putting up additional signage and have also groomed to their turn-around on 3 to meet up with the Eastern Maine Snow Riders. 3A to Bible Point is in excellent shape. ITS 83, trail 3 and all connector trails are groomed. Watch for wildlife on the trails. Watch for logging on the Logan trail has a plowed road for 1 mile.

Eastern Maine Snow Riders reports that all trails are groomed except Trail 2. ITS 110 from Mattawamkeag to Drew is in excellent shape. Trail 1 from Haynesville is groomed wide and flat. Trail 3 to lower Macwahoc is groomed and 20 ft. wide. The East Grand Snow Club ITS 105 trail from Danforth to Haynesville has finally been opened with very nice conditions.

Linneus Sno-Sports has groomed all trails and report that all are open and ready. For Cross Country Skiing enthusiasts, the 6-mile loop trail has also been groomed. The club would like to remind skiers that the trail now starts at the snowmobile trail in front of the club. Go left and look for the trail on the right about 200 feet from the parking lot.

Birch Point/ Big Valley reports that all trails are groomed including ITS83 north and south, ITS 112, 60 to Oakfield and there is now a trail open across Pleasant Pond. For those not wanting to cross water there is a new trail around the pond. Watch for signage. Looking forward to a great weekend!

Saturday the 19th, Shin Pond will be hosting an Enduro Race beginning at 11 a.m. to benefit the Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond Club.

Please keep an eye out on the County’s Facebook pages for the latest updates on trail conditions.

For the most accurate and up-to date weather information, please visit NOAA at



Washburn Trail Runners clubhouse will be open Saturday 7am to 2pm and Sunday 7am to 12.

Grand Isle will be hosting a breakfast this Sunday at the Grand Isle Community Center from 7-11.

Presque Isle Stew night at the Clubhouse on Friday’s starting at 5pm.

Sunday January 27 Breakfast Fundraiser at the Pleasant Ridge Riders snowmobile clubhouse starting at 7am-10am.

Saint Francis Sno Angels will have their clubhouse open for lunches starting at 11am and will continue throughout the winter.

For sledders who are interested, there is now Snowmobile storage available for Monthly accommodations in Caribou. They are located at the Crown Park Inn; phone number is 207-493-3311. Units are Small, Medium, and Large. Price is $50, $75, $100.