Crown of Maine Panoramas

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Our Interactive 360 degree panoramas give you the chance to experience the scene in a way not possible with an ordinary photograph. It's the next best thing to being there yourself! Our Panoramas give you the ability rotate around, look up, down and even zoom in and out. It's a great way to experience the state of Maine!
William Haskell Rec Center February, 2017 - Inside the gym of the now demolished William Haskell Rec Center in Presque Isle. Built in the 1940s, this building was torn down mid-February 2017 and holds many memories for Presque Isle residents past and present.
Loring Arch Hangar August, 2016 - Interior of the Loring's iconic Arch Hangar. Shot during the open house event.
Easton Little School July, 2016 - Interior of the Little School in Easton.
PT Farms Barn Interior November, 2015 - Inside the old PT Farms barn on the Caribou Road just north of Presque Isle. The siding has been removed and the barn is scheduled to be burned down in the next week.
Washburn Railroad Bridge October, 2015 - A view from the middle of the old railroad bridge over the Aroostook River. The bridge is now used for ATV traffic
Potato Blossoms August, 2015 - View in the middle of a field of Potato Blossoms. Relaxing music plays in the background!
Golden Forest October, 2014 - Orange and Gold foliage at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle! Chickadees sing in the background
Autumn Colors 2014 October, 2014 - Fly into a colorful path in the Maine woods. Look around at the foliage while soothing music plays in the background!
New Sweden Museum May, 2014 - Inside the New Sweden Museum.
New Sweden Vine House May, 2014 - The scenic New Sweden farm house all covered in vines.
2014 IBU Youth/Junior Biathlon March, 2014 - In front of the bleachers and shooting range on the final day of the 2014 IBU Youth/Junior Biathlon at the Nordic Heritage Center in Presque Isle, Maine.
Gentile Hall Lobby - UMPI August, 2013 - Lobby of Gentile Hall at The University of Maine at Presque Isle
Houlton Fair July, 2013 - Antique Tractor display at the 2013 Houlton Fair.
Beach at Sunset April, 2013 - A relaxing sunset at the beach in Naples, Florida near the pier.
Maple Moose March, 2013 - The Sap Collection shack at the Maple Moose Sugarhouse in Easton Maine.
Mantle Lake Park March, 2013 - Below the dam after a snow storm.
Winter Stream December, 2012 - A peaceful winter stream in the woods of Northern Maine. Turn up your sound!
Christmas Candles December, 2012 - Candles line a street in Presque Isle, Maine on Christmas Eve.
Watson Covered Bridge October, 2012 - A tour of Maine's youngest and most northern covered bridge in Littleton.
Loring Air Force Base October, 2012 - Several panoramas taken inside the nuclear bomb bunkers and weapons storage area.
Fort Kent Mural September, 2012 - In June 2012 a 35-foot-by-15-foot mural was unveiled on the side of the old A.D Soucy Company Farm Supply building on Market St. in Fort Kent, Maine. The mural was painted by local artist Darren Connors to honor past and present farmers of the area.
Crown of Maine Balloon Fest August, 2012 - Inside an inflated hot air balloon set up for kids to play in.
Northern Maine Fair August, 2012 - Various scenes around the 2012 Northern Maine Fair.
Peak of Quoggy-Jo Mountain April 19, 2012 - Several panoramas from the North and South Peaks of the mountain.
Agri-Business Trade Fair March 25, 2012 - Inside the 2012 Presque Isle Agri-Business Trade Fair at the Forum.
Snowy Road February, 2012 - A Scerene Winter Road in Island Falls with lots of snowy trees.
Winter Fun Day February, 2012 - Winter Fun Day at Aroostook State Park in Presque Isle.
Christmas Tree Farm December, 2011 - Richards Christmas Tree Farm in Mapleton Maine offers Horse Drawn Sleigh rides to pick out your Christmas Tree.
Maine's Lost Railroad October, 2011 - Abandoned Steam Locomotives of the Eagle Lake & West Branch Railroad in the North Maine Woods.
Goughan's Corn Maze October, 2011 - The enterance to the 2011 Corn Maze at Goughan's Farm in Caribou.
Hedgehog Mountain September, 2011 - Top of the mountain on a clear autumn day.
Washburn August Festival August, 2011 - Downtown Washburn before the Bike and Baby Parade.
Goughan's Berry Farm July, 2011 - Seveal 360s around Goughan's Farm in Fort Fairfield.
Power Chutes June, 2011 - A virtual tour of getting the Powered Parachutes ready for flight.
Episcopal Church March 12, 2011 - St. John's Episcopal Church in Presque Isle, Maine.
Maine Winter Sports Center January 26, 2011 - Location of the E.ON IBU Biathlon World Cup in Presque Isle, Maine.
Patten Maine December 10, 2010 - Shot near the center of town.
Houlton Maine December 10, 2010 - Pedestrian Bridge.
Houlton Maine December 10, 2010 - Market Square.
2010 Crown of Maine Balloon Festival August 28, 2010 - Balloon Launch at the Northern Maine Fair Grounds.
2010 Northern Maine Fair August, 2010 - Several views from the Midway and Exhibition Building at the N. Maine Fair
Stewart Farm Pumpkins October, 2009 - The famous autumn pumpkin display at Stewart Farms on Rt. 1 in Presque Isle, ME
Autumn Colors September, 2009 - A 360 view showing Autumn Foliage in the Maine Woods
Pleasant Lake - Sand Cove
September, 2009 - A view from the beach at Sand Cove - Pleasant Lake, Island Falls, ME.
Hay Rolls - Dyer Brook
September, 2009 - A scenic field off Route 2 in Dyer Brook covered with rolls of hay.
Grand Stand - NM Fairgrounds
September, 2009 - In the center section of the Grand Stand at the Northern Maine Fairgrounds in Presque Isle.
Aroostook River - Washburn
July, 2009 - On the bank of the Aroostook River at the Washburn Park and Boat Landing.
Haystack Mountain
July, 2009 - Multiple views from the top of Haystack Mountain.
Camp Nomacca
July, 2009 - Camp NOMACCA near the Aroostook River in Mapleton.
Fairmount Cemetary May, 2009 - Taken close to Memorial Day in the veterans' section of Fairmount Cemetary in Presque Isle.
Arnold Brook Lake Park
July, 2009 - A view near the water at Arnold Brook Lake Park in Presque Isle.
Field of Dandelions
May, 2009 - A bright and sunny field of Dandelions on State St. Presque Isle, Maine!
James One Room School House in Presque Isle
May, 2009 - Built in 1917 - a one room school- eight to nine grades. Last used as a school in the spring of 1948. Then used for ten years as a non-denominational church by Hillside Gospel Mission. The school was vacant for the next twenty-seven years, fading away. Restoration began in April 1985 and completed and ready for use by June 1987. Today, the buildings and grounds are used for "a day in a country school" by grade-school teachers and pupils, picnics, a museum, a meeting place for civic organizations, family get-togethers and educational activities.
Double Eagle II Balloon Launch Site May, 2009 - A 360 view of the famous Double Eagle II Trans-Atlantic Balloon launch site in Presque Isle.
Mantle Lake Park Dock May, 2009 - Shot at the end of the dock at Mantle Lake Park in Presque Isle
Mars Hill Wind Farm
January, 2009 - The north end of Mars Hill Mountain showing the wind turbines.
Frozen Lake Ice Shacks
January, 2009 - Pleasant Lake in Island Falls, ME showing several ice fishing shacks on the ice.