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Real Estate Agents - Selecting the Right One

Finding the right real estate agent is a very important part of the home buying (or selling) process. For most of us, the purchase or sale of a home is the single most expensive transaction we will make in our life time. So, how do you find the right agent to stand beside you during this process? Here are some tips:

First Impressions: A lot can be learned from first impressions. Where does the real estate agentís interest lie? Take a look at their website. Is the site devoted to telling you how good the real estate agent is or is it set up to inform and educate the client about the buying or selling process? Look for agents with a genuine  interest in satisfying the customer, not their own ego.

Call them: Pick up the phone and give the candidates a call. If looking to buy property, explain what you are looking for. A good real estate agent should be able to tell you right away if they have any properties that might suit your needs. If they want to search their listings and get back to you, they probably arenít as up to speed on the market as they should be. 

Do they want to meet?: Each customer is different. The real estate agent should have as many questions for you as you have for them. To get to know you and your needs better, they should want to meet with you. 

Word of Mouth: If you have the option, ask friends/neighbors about the perspective agents. They may have had good or bad experiences they can share or know people who have.

Look into their background:Check the agents' credentials with the local real estate board.

Be prepared to walk away: When dealing with the agent, you should never feel as if you are buying a used car.  If the real estate agent comes off as a used car salesman, don't hesitate to walk away.  There are plenty of real estate agents to choose from!


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