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Maine Foliage Webcam, Presque Isle

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Recent Photos:
7/24/2015 - Richard Nixon in Presque Isle - Fall 1964, former Vice President Richard Nixon campaigns in downtown Presque Isle for Perham resident, Clifford McIntire, running for U.S. Senate against the already popular incumbent Ed Muskie.
7/22/2015 - Mashed Potato Wrestling - Wrestling in a pit of mashed potatoes is part of the annual Maine Potato Blossom Festival and is fun for all ages!
7/23/2015 - Moose Attacks Truck - A momma moose with two young attacks a truck.
7/21/2015 - Northern Maine Fair - Photos of the food area and midway at the Northern Maine Fair.
7/21/2015 - Double Eagle II - Tran-Atlantic balloon launch from Presque Isle in 1978.
7/19/2015 - Potato Blossom Sunset - Sun setting behind a field of potato blossoms in Woodland.
7/18/2015 - Team of Trained Moose in Caribou - Albert Vaillancourt of Chelmsford, Ontario, rescued both moose as calves; one from a black bear and the other had become entangled in a neighbor's fence. He trained the moose to pull a sulky and a sleigh.
7/18/2015 - Pig in a Pasture - Pig on an Amish Farm in Easton
7/16/2015 - Moon on the Water - Full moon reflecting on a Maine lake.
7/16/2015 - Sheridan Village Log Jam - As logs float down the river, they often jam and dynamite would be used to break them up. This log jam circa 1902.
7/15/2015 - Wide cow - A dairy farm in Mapleton, Maine
7/14/2015 - Summer Sunset - Summer Sunset on a Maine Lake

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