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Should You Drop Your Phone Service and Go Cellular?

If you're like a lot of Americans, you probably use your cell phone almost as much if not more than your landline. If this is the case than it might make sense to do away with your landline completely and get rid of that monthly phone bill which can include over $20 in taxes alone! And if you have any of the special features on your landline such as caller-id, call-waiting, etc you are probably paying a bunch extra for those too. If you call long distance you will also most likely be paying on a minute by minute basis for those calls. Most cell phone plans have free long distance.

Getting rid of your landline can be a quick and easy way to reduce your monthly bills. But there are some things to consider before cutting the cord.

Con: Cell Phones aren't as reliable as landlines. While cell phones are very reliable today, they can't boast the same uptime percentage as landlines. This is something to keep in mind incase an emergency pops up. Make sure you have good signal strength throughout your home. This can also be a problem if there are family members that won't have their own cell phone, such as kids. Being left home alone with no phone is a bad idea. However, many cell companies offer family plans where you can add extra lines or share a current line for an extra monthly fee. In short, if you do switch to cellular, make sure nobody is left out.

Pro: Thanks to recent legislation, you can keep your current landline number and have it transferred to your cell phone! You won't have to disperse your new number to everyone. Family and friends can still call your old number and get you on your cell phone.

Con: If you are a heavy phone user or share the line with other members of your family, it may make sense to keep your landline. Going over your allotted monthly minutes on a cell phone plan can be expensive. However, if you receive more calls than you make, many cell phone plans offer Unlimited Call-Me Minutes. That is, you won't be charged air-time for incoming calls. Also, if you use your landline to access the internet you'll have to make other arrangements.

Pro: Since cellular is a service that is tied to the individual and not a physical location, going cellular can open up other opportunities to cut bills elsewhere. For example, if you have a seasonal home such as a camp or summer home you can drop the landline there also and just use your cell phone.


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