Presque Isle, Maine
A Live view of N. Main St Presque Isle, Maine
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S. Main St. Presque Isle, ME
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- 1 Hour Ago: Tuesday, June 30, 2015: 7am - 8am
- Yesterday (Full Day): Monday, June 29, 2015

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 Maine Potato Blossom Festival
July 11, 2015

 Freedom Run 5k and 10k
July 11, 2015

 Northern Maine Fair
July 24, 2015

 Houlton International Wings and Wheels
July 25, 2015

 Ploye Festival
August 7, 2015

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Maine Products:
Wreath Mart
Maine Wreaths Balsam Fir & Twig Wreaths. Made Fresh Daily with evergreens & twigs gathered daily in Down East Maine. ...Details

Whitney Wreaths
Beginning on a base of Balsam, the Allentown Metro, named after Holly's hometown offers a slightly more cosmopolitan approach to the traditional balsam wreath. With red, lime green and burnished gold Christmas balls, Austrian pine cones and a giant, hand-tied bow. ...Details

Triple E Christmas Tree & Wreath Farm
Triple E Christmas Tree & Wreath Farm was established originally in 1988 as a source of income to put our three sons who at that time were ages 9, 7 & 5, respectively through college. The trees were planted on our family farm that has been in our family for five generations. So far, this has put two...Details

Our holiday wreaths are handmade using freshly cut Balsam Fir tips from the woodlands around Mars Hill. Local craftsman use traditional techniques to make a full 22" wreath that is lush and full; one you'll be proud to display during the Christmas season. The finishing touches include trimming the C...Details

Robin Collard Wreaths
Candy holiday wreaths and hand-knitted scarves. ...Details

Oxbow Wreaths/Deep In The Woods Gift Shop
From Aroostook County, we grow and sell our own Balsam Fir Christmas Trees and Wreaths. Fresh from the woods of Oxbow comes the classic beauty that is distinctly Maine. Our naturally fragrant Balsam Fir products are all individually handmade using care to select only nature's finest fir tips and pin...Details

Northeast Wreath
Let Northeast Wreath deliver the wintery Balsam aroma of the Maine woods directly to your door this Christmas season with a handcrafted wreath or centerpiece. We\'ll enclose a personalized gift card at no extra charge. All of our wreaths are double-sided to ensure fullness and decorated with a weat...Details

Mainescape Christmas Wreaths and Centerpieces

Maine Wreath Company.Com
Specializing in handmade Maine wreaths and wreath making supplies. wreath supply store is for people who want to make and decorate their own wreaths, living wreaths, christmas wreaths or to create their own unique craft project.

Surf our site and purchase all the items...Details

Maine Holiday Wreaths
Long lasting balsam Christmas wreaths from Maine Holiday Wreaths are exquisitely handcrafted of fresh cut balsam fir. These beautiful holiday decorations fill the air with the clean, sweet fragrance of the Maine woods. Each generous 22" or 30" wreath comes decorated with a bounty of perfect pine con...Details

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