Maine Recipes: Wayne Brown's Fried Green Tomatoes

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Wayne Brown's Fried Green Tomatoes
Number of Servings: 4

2 green tomatoes sliced 1/4" thick, 1 Cup buttermilk, 1/2 Cup cornmeal, 1/2 Cup flour, 1 Cup corn flour, 1 1/2 Cup peanut oil, 4 Tbsp (fresh cucumber and dill) tartar sauce, 4 Cups organic salad greens, 1 oz (Herb Vinaigrette) dressing, salt, black pepper

Soak tomatoes in buttermilk. Mix cornmeal, flour, corn flour, and salt. Bread tomatoes and pan fry in oil until golden grown and crispy. Drain off oil and season. Mix salad with dressing. Position tomatoes around and put dollop of tartar sauce on top.

  Source: The Bradley Inn