Maine Recipes: Slumgullion, Pasta - "Preacher's Casserold"

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Slumgullion, Pasta - "Preacher's Casserold"
Good ole comfort food. Delicious with garlic bread and a garden salad

1 lb. ground beef, 1 lb. bacon 1 lg. onion 1 lg. bell pepper 1 lb. box pasta (macaroni or shells) Ketchup salt/pepper/garlic(optional) to taste

Cook pasta according to instructions - set aside. Cook bacon til crispy. Set aside. When cool,crumble. Reserve enough bacon fat to cook onion/bell pepper. Chop onion and bell pepper - cook til tender. Add ground beef to onions and bell pepper - cook til done. Add all of the above to the cooked pasta then add ketchup til desired taste.

  Source: Former Mainer transplant to Atlanta