Maine Recipes: Backyard Farms Tomato Creamsicle

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Backyard Farms Tomato Creamsicle
Warm weather is upon us and Backyard Farms has the perfect treat to celebrate the arrival of summer. Showcasing New England’s best tomatoes, the Tomato, Strawberry and Ricotta ‘Creamsicle’ created by Mark Sapienza of the Langham Hotel in Boston has put a unique twist on an age-old favorite. Why not serve this New England original at your next large backyard gathering?

33 Backyard Farms tomatoes 11 strawberries 1qt simple syrup 5ea. vanilla beans 3oz. fresh ginger 4ea. orange zest 1/2qt apple cider vinegar Ricotta “Cream”: 4 cups Whole Milk Ricotta Cheese 1 cup Mascapone Cheese

Juice Backyard Farms tomatoes and strawberries and strain, leave strawberry juice on the side and place the tomato juice on a pot with the rest of the ingredients. Bring to a boil and cover for about 1 hour, chill and then incorporate strawberry juice, strain and let rest overnight. Churn the sorbet mix in an ice cream machine and pack into desired mold or shape and place a lollipop stick, freeze overnight. Mix together Ricotta and Mascapone cheese until smooth. Dip tip of creamsicle in cheese mixture and serve.

  Source: Backyard Farms