Maine Recipes: Lady Ashburnham Mustard Pickles

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Lady Ashburnham Mustard Pickles
This is my grandmother Barrett\'s recipe that you can use your large cucumbers for. My family likes these spread over Maine baked russet potatoes.

26 large cukes peeled and cut into small chunks.

Pour 1/2 cup of salt over the above. Cover with water and let set over night. Drain. Add 2 quarts of onions cut into small chunks. Brine: 4 pts of hot vinegar. 4 Tablespoons of Turmeric. 12 rounded Tablespoons of Flour(about one and a half cups). 4 t. celery seed. 4 Tablespoons of dry mustard. 8 cups of sugar. , Mix together and pour over DRAINED cukes and cut up onions. Cook one half hour stirring often, getting hot. Bottle up in clean jars. Makes at least 10 quarts. As long as it is good and hot you won\'t need to process. Just make sure all the seals are down and you are all set. I don't process any of these! If any jars don't happen to seal keep in frig. Good luck.

  Source: Kim Delano