Maine Recipes: Smores Fondue

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Smores Fondue
Make a sweet treat in less than sixty seconds. Step 1. Turn on the stove. Step 2. Add the water. Step 3. Add the package of hot chocolate mix. Step 4. Add the Hershey Bars; let melt. Step 5. Add the marshmellows; let melt. Step 6. Start Dipping those Graham Crackers

For a group of 12: 1 bag marshmallows 2 Hershey Bars 1/8 cup water 1 package of Hot Chocolate mix

( see ingredients )The real difference with this is the method of preperation; If you add the ingredients in the proper order your Fondue will be smooth and glossy; no fail. This can be made in less han sixty seconds !

  Source: Shaun Donovan ( Bar Harbor Guide Service )