Remax Heritage, Yarmouth Maine

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Remax Heritage

765 Route One
Yarmouth, Maine 04096
(207) 846-4300 x121

Buying a new home or building a new home is serious business. Selling your home is equally important. Iím in the business to help you do both and Iím interested in helping you now. I also look forward to helping you and your family and friends in the future. I recognize that the future piece depends on how well I serve you today. I understand my role. There is a buyer and a seller in every home sale. I typically represent only one party. You. As such, if youíre a buyer, my role is to understand what youíre looking for and show you ALL properties in the marketplace that might meet that need. We find out quickly, working together, what will work . . . and what wonít. When working with you as a seller, my role is very specific. I help you price the home to get top dollar. I market your home to anyone likely to purchase it or represent someone who will purchase it. The most important marketing is to the brokerage community, welcoming them to bring their buyers and making it easy for them to show and sell the property. Newspaper and internet advertising attracts buyers (buyers represented by other brokers and those going it on their own). I simply do everything I can to get as many qualified buyers into your home as possible. And then help you bring the deal together. Thatís what I do. And I donít do it alone. Youíre there to help me understand. Iím there to help you be successful in your real estate goals. And, yes, itís supposed to be fun.