Robins Spinning Wheels (formerly Rotuck Wood Products) - Parsonsfield, ME 04047

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Robins Spinning Wheels (formerly Rotuck Wood Products)
Each type of Robin wheel comes with 3 pre-tested bobbins, all handmade of cherry and maple. Each bobbin has ratios of 4.5:1, 5.5:1, 7:1 and 9:1. The bobbins can hold 6-8oz. of material. Each bobbin has teflon bearings, for smooth spinning. All wheels have graceful arched legs made with contrasting woods. And all wheels have a full treadle, or a double treadle can be ordered at additional cost. Each wheel is balanced for ease of use. Each wheel also comes with a sturdy urethane drive band that has microscopic teeth to grip the wheel securely.

9 Robins Lane
Parsonsfield, ME 04047
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