RetroRover - Portland, ME 04104

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RetroRover was born in 2003 after a heartfelt conversation about the state of modern dog style. Founding partners LK Gagnon and Carol Hammond, and the three dogs between them, had seen their share of dog beds. Polar fleece, denim, and bargain-store toile haunted them night and day. Flattened, matted, dingy and dumpy were the trappings of contemporary dog-bedology. What was the classic-inspired dog to do? The two set about creating a new standard in dog accoutrements. They worked tirelessly to find the perfect blend of high style and quality construction. RetroRover dogs will no longer be bound to vulgar fashion. Instead, they will lounge on Eames-inspired bark cloth and sleep soundly on sumptuous ‘40s tropicals. Swanky geometrics and beachy botanicals will have our pooches dreaming of yesteryear –– when quality meant something and beauty was married to function. The RetroRover dog is the absolute vision of a dapper canine –– a dog’s dog, with a spirit inspired by the past and an eye always toward the future.

PO Box 10997
Portland, ME 04104
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