Relaxing Moments Candles - Bradford, ME 04410

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Relaxing Moments Candles
Relaxing Moments Candles offers hand poured and hand wrapped candles in 56 fragrances, unscented, and scented chunk candles. The cancles have been perfected to offer complete burn, and scent throughout the burn. Our candles offer a long burn time. Each candle is inspected to make sure that it is the best quality before it is offered to our customers. We have container (glass and pottery), pillars, votives, tart, targ burners, tea lites, floating cancles and drop in refills for the larger pottery. The wax blend is natural, and the best available. The wicks are all zinc core (no lead). The fragrance and colors are so safe that they are approved for use in soapl. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we stand behind each and every candle we sell. I enjoy this business and look forward to introducing the candles to future customers, and to continue giving my loyal candle burning customers hours of enjoyable fragrant filled homes.

Jones Road
Bradford, ME 04410
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