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Pinch Plus
One tablespoon packets of dried organic herbs and spices. Products include: 24-count size boxes of basil, cayenne, cilantro, cumin, rosemary and thyme -- perfect for the small grocery or gourmet store. OR Sell our one-tablespoon packets individually on our new rack. Choose from a 2-tier rack which holds 12 different herbs and spices, or our 3-tier rack which holds all 18 flavors. Ten Pack includes a variety of 10 packets making it a terrific housewarming gift or just the right size to outfit a second home. Gourmet cuisine booklets include three packets, which accompany three recipes from specific regions or seasonal themes: Pinch of Maine, Pinch of Mexico, Pinch of France, Pinch of Thailand, Pinch of India.

50 Exchange Street
Portland, ME 04101
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