Bakewell Cream (New England Cupboard) - Hampden, ME 04444

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Bakewell Cream (New England Cupboard)
Producers of BAKEWELL CREAM, a powdered leavening agent that can be used in most any recipe in place of baking powder or cream of tartar. The results are superior, higher and tastier baked goods. BAKEWELL CREAM contains acid sodium pyrophosphate and redried starch (cornstarch)(no additives, no aluminum). GLUTEN FREE. Packaged and distributed for over 60 years in Maine and the New England region, BAKEWELL CREAM is packaged in a bright yellow and blue 8 oz. canister. The famous "no fail" biscuit recipe is printed on the can. Bakewell is available in most every grocery store in Maine and several stores and outlets in other New England states, or may be ordered from their website

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Hampden, ME 04444
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