Penobscot Bay Porch Swings - Brunswick, ME 04011

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Penobscot Bay Porch Swings
The Penobscot Bay Porch Swing is a contemporary version of a sailorís hammock which was traditionally made out of heavy canvas and rope. The original version can be found hanging on the front porches of summer cottages along the coast of Maine. Many of the original swings our designs are based on have fallen into a state of disrepair, yet they are still the favorite spot to spend a summer afternoon. Penobscot Bay Porch Swing has created a colorful and contemporary version of this much loved swing which can brighten any covered porch. They are a unique cross between a hammock and a swing and are designed to hang undercover. The swings are constructed out of mildew and fade resistant Sunbrella which comes in various colors and stripes. Choose from Penobscot Bay Porch Swings standard Sunbrella options or custom order using any of the Sunbrella fabric line. We also offer a selection of pillows andbolsters in complimentary colors and fabrics. This gives you the opportunity to create a swing which fits your porch setting. The spreaders and the frame of the swing are made out of hardwood and the frame comes apart for storage. The rope work is straight out of The Ashley Book of Knots and is constructed out of Dacron line. The grommets and clew ring are solid brass. The entire swing is constructed for strength and durability, while maintaining the appearance of the traditional porch swings and is completely handcrafted in Brunswick, Maine.

287 Church Road
Brunswick, ME 04011
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