Oxbow Wreaths/Deep In The Woods Gift Shop - Oxbow, ME 04764

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Oxbow Wreaths/Deep In The Woods Gift Shop
From Aroostook County, we grow and sell our own Balsam Fir Christmas Trees and Wreaths. Fresh from the woods of Oxbow comes the classic beauty that is distinctly Maine. Our naturally fragrant Balsam Fir products are all individually handmade using care to select only nature's finest fir tips and pine cones. Our prize-winning wreaths are double-faced, adorned with cones, holly berries, and a weather resistant plush red bow. We offer three sizes withoutside diameters of 16", 22", or 26". Our care and pride in craftsmanship ensure that each item is fresh and long-lasting. We also have a gift shop featuring Maine products from area artisans and craftsmen.

685 Oxbow Road
Oxbow, ME 04764
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