Nor 'Easter Canoes - Brownfield, ME 04010

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Nor 'Easter Canoes
Maine Products, made with Maine hands, have always been considered, world wide as top of the line. From hand selected white cedar, I take the time to lay out and build these Custom Canoes to the specifications, needs and wants of my customers. I do build basic models based on plans bu Gil Gilpatrick in sizes from a 12 footer to an 18 1/2 footer but any modifications to these plans can be incorporated into the canoes. Inlays of red cedar in some of our Custom Canoes are customers favorites. I sell the canoes out of my home shop and take the time to do each and every canoe by hand using the West System of Epoxy-Resin Fiberglass, giving strength, beauty and stability which makes the Nor 'Easter Canoe a craft you will be proud to show off.

PO Box 360
Brownfield, ME 04010
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