Naturally Bee-Ewe-tiful - Houlton, ME 04730

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Naturally Bee-Ewe-tiful
Naturally Bee-Ewe-tiful products are all natural beeswax based and include: lip balms, hand and foot care products, shea butter lotions, beeswax stick deodorants. deodorizing ( talc free )body powders and vegetable/nut oil goats milk soaps. I use only natural ingredients, many home grown, honey, vegetable (almond, palm, coconut, and/or jojoba) oils, cocoa butter, shea butter & essential oils for my men and women products that I have designed. All my soaps are made "cold-pressed method" using natural ingredients, essential oils, no coloring or additives and made in small batches in my kitchen, "cured" for 8 weeks and then hand wrapped. Lotions and cremes are also made in small batches and bottled in my country log home kitchen. These beeswax based skin care products naturally soothe, smooth and relieve the effects of harsh Maine winters as well as summer sun and wind.

158 South Oakfield Road
Houlton, ME 04730
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