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Artful Heirlooms
Artful Heirlooms offers pastel portraits, oil portraits, caricatures and freehand cut paper silhouettes with a broad range of options and prices. Whether you'd like to capture the likeness (and personality!) of your loved one, child, relative, best friend, boss, teacher, coach, pet, favorite celebrity...or yourself, we think you'll be delighted with the result. . . in fact, we guarantee it! Here are excerpts from some recent testimonials about Ruth Monsell's portraiture: "I wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful portrait! I just love looking at it and the fact that you captured the essence of my girls at this magical age moves me so! Your talent is as large as your heart. Your portrait will always be a treasure in our home." "...your exquisite painting: I love, love, love it! You are so immensely talented, I could use a hundred adjectives to exclaim about how you captured the inner being--the soul--of this beautiful girl." "Once again, I cannot express our thanks and gratitude for a wonderful portrait." "You captured our daughter so well, freckles and all...I think I may have cried a bit. Wow." "OH MY GOODNESS!!! Jon was overwhelmed! He thought the portrait was AMAZING! We are hrilled. This will be a family treasure always." "The portrait of Alex was wonderful and admired by everyone over Christmas, especially me! It's just awesome to be able to see and feel the presence of his sweet smiling spirit...I'll treasure it forever. I would like you to do another of my daughter early in the spring." "Ruth, you are truly an artist!!! That is the most amazing thing I've ever seen! I started crying when I saw it, as will our mother."

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Damariscotta, ME 04543
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