Jack Traps - Monmouth, ME 04259

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Jack Traps
With the cost of bait and new ice-fishing regulations, the performance of your equipment has become more important if you are to be successful out on the ice. Jack Traps(TM) ice-fishing traps have been individually hand-crafted in Maine for twenty-two years. All Jack Traps(TM) are made with kiln-dried Maine maple and are assembled using half-inch screws, not nails or tacks. The tripper is injected with all-weather lithium grease to eliminate freeze-ups. Two coast of polyurethane provide a slick, hard finish to make ice removal easy. Each trap also features stainless steel and aluminum parts to ensure the integrity of your ice-fishing equipment for many seasons toc ome. The heavy-guage aluminum reel has a capacity of two hundred seventy-five feet of twenty-eight pound test. The flag holder prevents annoying wind-flags. Traps are available in several sizes and styles for varying conditions.

232 Route 135
Monmouth, ME 04259
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