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Islandport Press, Inc.
Islandport Press sells and produces quality books about Maine, specializing in history and the Maine coast and islands. Among the books published by Islandport Press are: The Cows Are Out! Two Decades on a Maine Dairy Farm by Trudy Chambers Price; When I'm With You, a children's picture book by Elizabeth Elder and Leslie Mansmann; Silas Crockett by Mary Ellen Chase; A Moose and a Lobster Walk into a Bar" by John McDonald, "When I'm With You" by Elizabeth Elder and Leslie Mansmann, "Hauling by Hand" by Dean Lawrence Lunt, "In Maine" by John N. Cole, "The Story of Mount Desert Island" by Samuel Eliot Morison and "Here for Generations: The Story of a Maine Bank and its City" by Dean Lawrence Lunt. Books are available at most Maine bookstores (if not, ask why!) or via mail order. Information is available at the Islandport Press website.

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