Idotnet, Inc. - Hallowell, ME 04347

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Idotnet, Inc.
"Say something sweet, say something funny. Pretend you're a bear, pretend you're a bunny. Make up your own rhyme, or use Dr. Suess's - I'm a Voicekin™; I have hundreds of uses!" Voicekins™ from Idotnet, Inc. of Hallowell are award winning gifts with hundreds of uses. Each plush animal contains the CD-quality, high-fidelity Mini Sound Studio™ - a RE-cordable device securely hidden in a pocket or pouch. Lobsters, puffins, moose, and black bears are among the more than two hundred styles available. Sizes range from five to sixteen inches; wholesale from $6.75 to $16.00. Our Maine designers are stitchers are happy to create custom designs and costumes and to pre-record melodies or messages. A favorite at parks and zoos, hospital gift shops, college stores, and for tourists. Voicekins™ - the "Gifts only YOU can give." Visit or call toll free 800-322-4731. Call for color catalog and price list.

33 Middle Street
Hallowell, ME 04347
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