G.G. Bean, Inc. - Brunswick, ME 04011

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G.G. Bean, Inc.
G.G. Bean manufacturers odorless ordor neutralizers and specialized kleeners for home, recreation, pets, and personal use. All G.G. Bean, Inc. ordor neutralizers are ready to use. The water-based formulas are enzyme-free, odorless, nontoxic, and cruelty-free tested. Being enzyme-free means that these products have an unlimited shelf-life (enzymes usually have an effective life of only six to ten months), and that they can be exposed to extremes of heat and cold and still work without aggravating allergies. These products are safe to use near children, adults, pets and clothing. If you neutralize the odor furst, you can clean afterwards without spreading the odor. All G.G. Bean, Inc. specialized kleeners are not for everday quick cleaning of household appliances but for real cleaning. They six nasty problems that are very hard to clean otherwise. Flagship products: URINE KLEENE™, SKUNK KLEEN™, DISHWASHER KLEEN™, SMOKE ODOR KLEEN™, FOOTWEAR ODOR KLEEN™, INCONTINENT KLEEN™.

PO Drawer 638
Brunswick, ME 04011
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