Cottage Candles Of Maine - Westbrook, ME 04098

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Cottage Candles Of Maine
Welcome to Cottage Candles of Maine. We pride ourselves in making only the finest quality candles and soaps at the best prices available. All our products our handmade using the finest ingredients. That way we can guarantee you the best in candles and soaps. We offer both gel and soy wax candles and quality handmade soaps. We use only a patented gelwax manufactured by the Penreco Corporation, non-polar scents, and lead-free wicks in our gel candles. Our soys are made from 100% natural soy wax and triple scented with the best fragrance oils. Gel candles burn up to 5 times longer and soy candles 3 times longer than paraffin candles; both burn with less soot; and both will fill your home with their fresh scents.

40 Myrtle Street
Westbrook, ME 04098
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