Colley Hill Soap & Candle Co. - Hallowell, ME 04347

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Colley Hill Soap & Candle Co.
Maine’s truest character is revealed in its people who are resourceful, dependable and inventive. Maine craftsmanship, a tradition of excellence passed down for generations, is recognized worldwide as a term for quality and integrity. We at Colley Hill Soap and Candle Company established and built our business on these values and are proud to offer you only the best soaps and candles.We believe that most people want good, dependable, honest trustworthy products and real, dependable, honest and trustworthy people standing behind them. Even an item as small and seemingly insignificant as a bar of soap or a candle can, and should, be made with integrity; with concern for its quality and the satisfaction of the end-user. Customers who value honesty and integrity return again and again with confidence that we stand behind the quality of each and every product. We guarantee satisfaction and we keep our promises. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied!

108 Water Street
Hallowell, ME 04347
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