Coldbrook Traps - Garland, ME 04939

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Coldbrook Traps
Handmade underwater ice fishing traps since 1995. Each part of the Coldbrook is completely handcrafted right down to the hardwood reel that begins in the Maine woods. In the spring we cut the wood and dry it for a season. The reels are shaped on an antique lathe and sanded to a finish as smooth as metal. The trap centerpiece is hardwood and the fold out base is a softwood lath that is flared out on each end using 1/2 inch dowels for stability on the ice in the wind and snow. The flag is a flat tempered spring steel. Each trap is preserved in either a clear varnish or darker stain. "Guaranteed to catch fish.... when they're biting, of course!"

641 Corinth Road
Garland, ME 04939
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