Coast Of Maine Organic Products, Inc. - Portland, ME 04101

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Coast Of Maine Organic Products, Inc.
Coast of Maine has been making the finest compost-based specialty soils since 1996. These include an exceptional potting soil, soil amendments and conditioners as well as very old bark mulches. We also distribute a line of liquid fertilizers/repellents made from fermented salmon. All our products are certified for use in growing organic crops by M.O.F.G.A. and are available at fine garden centers and specialty stores across New England and parts of New York and New Jersey. Go to our web site and enter your zip code into our distributor data base and it will list all the garden centers that carry our products near you. Our fertilizers are also available on line through our web site. Remember healthy soil means healthy, disease and pest resistant plants.

145 Newbury Street
Portland, ME 04101
(800) 345-9315
Website: go