Carter-William - Portland, ME 04101

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Principal designers, Mark William Levesque and Adam Carter Winfield Houston, create sophisticated Fusion Art(TM) decorative accessories, servingware and furnishings using their own unique marriage of traditional aper arts and modern artistic innovation. Leading Carter-Wiliam's gifted team of designers they fashion each hand made object d'art from meticulously cut and masterfully arranged images. Using reproductions drawn from a library of classic and classically inspired prints, including their own original artworks, Carter-William's artists create distinctive organic compositions dramatically complimented by their exquisite trademark finishes. Combining their signature Lustrous, Luminous and Ornamental finishes with traditional features including handmade papers, magnificent gilding and skillfully hand painted elements, Carter-William's design team forge works embodying elegance in function and form.

616 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101
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