Carrabassett Coffee Company - Kingfield, ME 04947

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Carrabassett Coffee Company
Carrabassett Coffee Company fresh-roasts daily in Kingfield, just down the road from Sugarloaf/USA. We sell both individual mail order and wholesale. Only top grade Arabica beans are used and all coffees are roasted to order and shipped with 24 hours. Attractive labelling and packaging - both stock and custom - are available in 2, 8, and 16 oz bags for individual use, shops, gift baskets, and specialty food stores. Unique mountain blends include Carrabassett Classic, North Woods Blend, West Branch Organic, Blueberry Cobbler, and Organic Hemp Blend, with 30 other blends, single source, and flavors available. Coffee shop, restaurant, grocery store, and institutional programs include fractional packaging or whole bean, complete brewing equipment, and whole bean dispensers. Wholesale prices range from $.95 per 1.75ounce single pot gift packs to $7.00 per pound bulk or in retail packaging.

Po Box 197
Kingfield, ME 04947
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