Camden SoapWorks - Portland, ME 04112

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Camden SoapWorks
Finally it’s possible to have the perfect purity and mildness of a handmade vegetable soap, without sacrificing performance! Each of our natural ingredients and their proportions were carefully chosen for their respective beneficial properties. Our soap has handmade charm, with scientific attention to detail, accuracy and consistency - a rarity among handmade soaps; a long lasting bar, with satisfying lather, leaving your skin squeaky clean but not dry. “I ‘need’ more of that soap!”, is what we hear daily from folks who have used it - usually said with a hint of desperation. We at CSW are consumers of handmade soaps ourselves. We loved the idea of using a natural soap, but it seemed to come at the cost of too many drawbacks. We set out to correct these drawbacks so that others can enjoy all the benefits of a handmade natural soap without the problems. We spent 5 years perfecting our soap, resulting in a beautiful firm bar that lathers like crazy, is not greasy or soft, and will not go rancid. Not just a bathroom decoration, the beauty of our soap is only fully realized in the shower. This is a soap you’ll come to “need”!

PO Box 7552
Portland, ME 04112
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