Bonnema Potters - Bethel, ME 04217

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Bonnema Potters
Melody and Garret Bonnema established Bonnema Pottery in Bethel in 1974. We make our pottery from stoneware and porcelain clay and fire it at cone 9 in a reduction atmosphere. We make many different items, including, lamps, dinnerware, serving pieces, tiles, vases and garden accessories. Combining colors in endless patterns is our trademark. Our sense of color brings art to each piece. We create our patterns by pouring glazes in overlapping layers, reflecting the depths of the landscape. Our colors include the rich browns associated with stoneware and also many shades of white, pink, yellow and green. We use many blues, suggestive of sky, water and distant mountains. We invite you to view the whole range of our work in our showroom in Western Maine. Bethel is reached by routes 26,2 & 5. We are located on Main Street across from the Sudberry Inn.

Lower Main Street
Bethel, ME 04217
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