Bold Coast Smokehouse, Inc. - Lubec, ME 04652

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Bold Coast Smokehouse, Inc.
Bold Coast salmon are harvested each day at sunrise right from the pristine, deep, cool waters of the Bay of Fundy. Tides in the Fundy are as high as 25 feet and the currents are awesomely treacherous. These special condtions provide ideal growing and harvesting environments for the sweetest salmon in the world. Farm fed and carefully nurtured throughout the 36 month growing period, these fish are the best tasting salmon to be found. Shortly after sunrise, your individual and delicious order is selected from the pen and on its short journey to our state of the art smokehouse. As whales breach, seals play and ospreys and eagles skydive for their ocean delicacies, yours is in the smokehouse. Here dedicated seafood professionals, with broad experience throughout the industry, handcut and prepare these plump, firm North Atlantic Salmon for the smoking process in our custom designed and built smokers. Finely tuned "old world recipes" are continuosly monitored throughout the smoking process to bring top quality to the "Wicked Good" flavour of sunrise smoked Bold Coast salmon to your table.

224 County Road
Lubec, ME 04652
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