Bodacious Breads/Borealis Breads - Wells, ME 04090

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Bodacious Breads/Borealis Breads
At Borealis, we strive to make each loaf a masterpiece, an edible work of art. Our breads are phenomenal because: They are naturally leavened with preferment or starter. No commercial bakerís yeast (except in the French Baguette), no preservatives. Bread the way it should be. Like traditional European artisan loaves, they are baked on stone hearths in steam-injected deck ovens or in our wood-fired oven. The ingredients are basic and beautiful: flour, water, salt. To these add other tasty ingredients for a variety of breads: olives, apples and cranberries, mushrooms, and much much more. Each loaf is shaped by hand by a baker who takes pride in producing great bread. They are moist and chewy and crusty, very very crusty. Good bread takes time and we give it the time it needs. The long, slow natural leavening (12 to 16 hours) enhances the flavor and increases digestibility.

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Wells, ME 04090
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