Two Loons Trading Company - Windsor , ME

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Two Loons Trading Company
Headee is a made-to-order, three-dimensional, life-size likeness of your favorite persons head. What can you do with Headee? You can hug, cuddle, punch, or kick it. Headee can go camping, ride in your backpack, take a trip with you, or just sit on sit on your desk, a shelf or the mantel. Headee can be used as a pillow or a place to set your hat. Headee® is a great gift for anyone. Headee, is made entirely in the USA, and sells for $24.99. Ten Percent of the profits from this product will be donated to a local Community Valley College to help supplement tuition for those who have difficulty paying their way through school.

76 Augusta Rockland Rd
Windsor , ME
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