MOO Milk - Augusta, Maine 04330

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MOO Milk
Maine's Own Organic Milk Company produces high quality organic milk. We are dedicated to keeping organic family farms across Maine in business. The farms that produce our milk share ownership in the company, and 90% of our profits are returned directly to those farmers.

Maine Farm Bureau, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and the Maine Department of Agriculture worked together to help create this company.

The farm families involved are of many different sizes and each has its own story. Collectively they represent the hard work, innovation, commitment to conservation, wise use of natural resources, and the traditional community values that make Maine's agricultural sector a key component of the state's economy. Keeping these families viable has also helped protect hundreds of acres of Maine farmland.

Not only is our milk produced on Maine farms, it is also trucked, processed and distributed through a strong network of Maine businesses, many of them family-owned.

Our partnership also includes you. When you purchase our milk you help build strong connections between farmers and the people drinking their milk.

4 Gabriel Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330
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