Fish River Tackle - Winslow, ME 004901

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Fish River Tackle
We are a small company located in Central Maine, that is dedicated to producing high quality tackle at a fair price. Upwards of 90 percent of the components used in manufacturing our tackle are AMERICAN made. Whether your trolling the lakes for Salmon, or casting the rivers for trout, or plain old brook fishing, you will find FISH RIVER TACKLE producing results. The words here are QUALITY FIRST! Our employees are fishing people and are more than willing to put the product to the test. Over the years, more than 25 years, we have tested scores of riggings for strength and craftsmanship. We then culled out the bad ideas, and kept the best ones. At times, some of the field testers stayed out to long, so we have to hide the boat to get them to stay here and get something done. Our trolling sets, which some people call cow bells, are assembled using stainless steel wire, top quality stainless cable, strong snaps, swivels and very bright blades. Sleeves are crimped solid and tested for strength. Most of our tackle is packed in plain packaging. Fancy packages do not catch fish! Quality tackle does.

FISH RIVER TACKLE is guaranteed not break, bend, buckle or bust under normal use. If you wrap it around the motor prop or run over it with your pick-up, maybe we will question it.

82 Halifax St.
Winslow, ME 004901
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