Labrees Bakery - Old Town, ME 04468

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Labrees Bakery
LaBree's Bakery is one of French Island's and Old Town's more successful businesses. The company that had its humble beginnings on French Island is now located in Old Town's Industrial Park, employs over two hundred people, and distributes products throughout the Continental United States, Hawaii and Canada. Our present facility size is 84,000 square feet including freezer capacity for up to 175 truckloads of product. LaBree's Bakery is constantly developing new recipies and products as well as modernizing the plant.

The LaBree's of today may bear little resemblance to the small family operation that began in 1948 however, one thing remains the same: it is still a family-run business, operated by second and third generation LaBree sons, Bernie and Damian LaBree. Being family-owned means enjoying the great flexibility to meet your specific needs. We love creating custom, niche products. Simply tell us what you're looking for... and chances are, we can transform your ideas into a delicious reality! Plus, at LaBree's, our fast turnaround time is one of the best in the business!

169 Gilman Falls Avenue
Old Town, ME 04468
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