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Kedar Quilts and Kedar Quilts Gallery
My name is Margaret and I have been quilting since I was 11 years old, in England where I was born. Quilting was very different then and much slower. We bought the Inn 13 years ago and I made quilts for the rooms. People liked this and wanted to buy them. So I decided to open a quilt shop which has grown to four rooms with over 3,500 bolts of fabric and much more. I also make many quilts to order, which I enjoy. I decided to start the quilt weekends after many requests. Today's quilting is geared for the busy woman and is much more fun. With all the new techniques that come out daily, I thought these weekends would be a great way to relax and enjoy quilting as it was before television and computers.

Quilts of various sizes and related items, which make excellent gifts, can also be custom made and dispatched anywhere.

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