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Maine Wreath Company.Com
Specializing in handmade Maine wreaths and wreath making supplies. wreath supply store is for people who want to make and decorate their own wreaths, living wreaths, christmas wreaths or to create their own unique craft project.

Surf our site and purchase all the items you need to make that wreath making or craft project come to life. Each wreath ring, wreath form, wreath shape, living wreath ring come with wreath making instructions.

Our Eucalyptus Wreaths are handmade with your choice of fresh or preserved eucalyptus.

Fragrant and unique, these wreaths make a very attractive wall or inside door decoration.

Our Twig Wreaths are handmade with locally gathered Maine Birch and create a unique presentation for your front door or wall space.

Our Christmas Wreaths are handmade with fresh Maine balsam fir. Welcome the Holidays with one of our wreaths.

These wreaths make terrific gifts to send to friends, family and business associates.

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