Wood Prairie Farm - Bridgewater, ME 04735

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Wood Prairie Farm
We are a small Certified Organic family farm in Northern Maine. We grow and market our crops through this Catalog and our webstore (www.woodprairie.com). Most all of the items displayed are ones we have produced on Wood Prairie Farm. Other goods, particularly ones suited to warmer climates than our State of Maine, we buy from other Certified Organic family farmers that we know and trust. Without exception all food and seed items in this Catalog are Certified Organic. We believe that family scale is the right scale for food and agriculture and for the continuation of a democracy. We have faith in family farmers feeding people. For these and other reasons we will never grow or sell Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) - crops that are gene-spliced. We thank our current customers for their support and for their business. We invite new customers to give us the chance to serve you. You won't be disappointed. Throughout the pages of this web catalog you can read some of the comments of your fellow customers. To all we promise that you, your family and friends will receive wonderful wholesome goods and honest helpful service from the folks of Wood Prairie Farm: the Gerritsen family and our neighbors that help us help you.

49 Kinney Road
Bridgewater, ME 04735
1-800-829-9765 (Toll Free)
Website: go